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Most people are familiar with natal astrology, the branch of astrology that deals with the chart of a person born at a particular time. The central idea of natal astrology is that it is possible to draw up an astrological chart (the nativity) for the moment a person is born. This chart is a visual representation of the position of planets (which include the sun and the moon), certain stars and other celestial objects with respect to the location of the person (the native). These celestial objects have been determined by the astrologers of antiquity to have potent and particular effects, and through the analysis of these celestial objects in the chart it is possible to delineate the character, personality traits, and the probable future of the person concerned.

Modern astrology has been heavily influenced by psychology and often the entire nativity is dedicated to a psychoanalytic deconstruction of the personality of the native. While this can have its uses, modern astrology is pretty poor at making predictions about the future. Traditional medieval astrology can certainly provide an accurate description of the native (primarily through an analysis of the 1st house and a calculation of the native’s temperament), but its concerns are much wider, and the nativity is believed to describe the native’s future wealth, his potential career, his family (mother, father, siblings), his religion and deeply held beliefs, romantic relationships, friends, children and so on. There is also a long history and a vast repertoire of techniques to forecast future events through traditional techniques such as profections, directions, firdaria and transits (the latter of which is the only one currently used in modern astrology – although even them, these are interpreted as affecting only the native’s mind).

Horary Astrology – the astrology of a Question

A corollary of the core principle of natal astrology – that the position of the planets in the moment a person is born can be used to predict his likely future – leads us to another branch of medieval astrology: horary astrology. In horary astrology, an astrological chart of the heavens is created for the moment a question is conceived (by the person asking the question, the querent) or as is more usually the case, understood by the Astrologer of whom the question is asked. This chart shows the celestial influences acting on the moment the question is conceived, and the chart of this unique moment in time is interpreted to determine the likely outcome. As well as being predictive in scope, horary astrology is also prescriptive, and it can be used to identify the source of potential obstacles and problems that stand in the way of success.

How can horary astrology help me?

Just as the houses in astrology cover the whole realm of human experience, horary astrology can be used to elicit answers to questions about any pressing issue from love, money, career, children, success, moving house, sports and everything between. Some of the most common questions people ask are:

Will I get the job? Is this career move a good idea?

Will this business venture be profitable?

Is it a good time to buy ________?

Will I be successful in my exams?

Does he love me? Should I ask her out? Is there someone else? Will we get married?

Will I have children and how many?

Will my team with the game?

Should I buy this house? Will we be able to sell this house?

Am I cursed?

If you want clarity about a situation, if you need help deciding your next steps, if you want to take advantage of the predictive power of traditional astrological techniques, horary astrology can help.

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