Venus in Taurus talisman


Venus was dignified by domicile (and triplicity!) in Taurus recently and I used the opportunity to create some Venus Talismans for Love, Luck and Fertility that I am offering here for sale. The chart for this election is below.

The election and creation

Venus is dignified by domicile in Taurus and conjunct the Midheaven.  The ritual invocation of Venus and the consecration of the talisman occurred during Venus hour, and the talismans were hand scribed on copper, the traditional metal of Venus, when Venus was conjunct the midheaven.

The front of the talisman bears the Seal of Venus from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.  The backside bears the sigils of Haniel, the Archangel of Venus, and of Hagiel, the Intelligence of Venus, both of whom were invoked in its creation.

What are Venus Talismans good for?

Agrippa tells us that Venus talismans “procureth concord, endeth strife, procureth the love of women, conduceth to conception, is good against barreness, causeth ability for generation, dissolves enchantments, and causeth peace between man, and woman, and maketh all kind of Animals and Cattle fruitful; and being put into a Dove-house, causeth an increase of Pigeons. It conduceth to the cure of all melancholy distempers, and causeth joyfulness; and being carryed about travellers make them fortunate.”

The Picatrix tells us that Venus for “signifies cleanliness, splendour, preciousness, word games, delight in music, joy, adornments, laughter, pictures, beauty, loveliness, playing music by the voice or stringed instruments, delighting in marriage, desiring spices and things that have good odours, sending dreams, provoking games of chess and dice; desiring to lie with women and to fall in love with them and receiving promises from them; desiring to appear beautiful, loving liberty, magnanimity of heart, and joy… sustaining people so that neither anger, strife, or discord may be felt by them; …and signifies desire for all beautiful combinations of things which may be in conformity with the will; making colours and labouring diligently in skills involving them.”

How they work

Celestial talismans created during an elected time when the planetary force is particularly potent are batteries of intelligent energy animated by the Angel or Intelligence who rules that celestial object.  One can think of them as physical embodiments of the virtue of a particular planet or star and carrying the talisman imbues the wearer with the virtue. In this instance, Venus imbues the bearer of the talisman with love, luck and fertility and all things rules by Venus as described above.

There are currently 3 of them for sale at a price of £49 each plus £12 shipping to anywhere in the world.  If you would like to purchase one, click on the Buy Now button below.

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