Traditional Natal Astrology Reading

The nativity in traditional astrology

There are significant differences in the scope, underlying beliefs, techniques and interpretation between traditional astrology, as it was practised and perfected in the 18th century, and the modern day variant, but the primary difference lies in the varying degree to which the existence of fate is accepted and incorporated into the practice.

The idea in traditional natal astrology is that your nativity or geniture (or natal chart, as it is called today) is a map of your life which describes your person – from your bodily form to your temperament – and, as a consequence of the planets being arbiters of destiny, presages the development of various themes in your life such as your wealth, career, marriage, children and so on. Moreover, those conditions that are promised in your nativity can be anticipated to occur within time-frames determined by a combination of predictive techniques and consideration of the planets that rule them; and, as a corollary, those things not promised in your nativity cannot happen (or will only happen with great difficulty).

The idea of fate may be a tough pill to swallow for some, but in practice what might feel like a prison is usually simply a description of the world as it is. It is only by being cognisant of the conditions in which you are in that you can start to change them, or, if they cannot be avoided (death, taxes, etc), to plan ahead or simply to come to terms with them.

Traditional astrology is prescriptive as well as descriptive.

A combust Mercury can sometimes imply learning difficulties, but it does not mean you need resign yourself to not trying to learn. If you are aware of these difficulties, you can find new ways of learning that work for you.

If the significator of your career is afflicted by Saturn, which can lead to disrepute or loss of position, you can take pre-emptive action by being extra careful when transits or primary directions indicate this may happen, and take actions to protect yourself. For example, if there is a strong and beneficial mutual reception between your career significators and the planet signifying your friends in your nativity – a sign that your friends will aid you in your career – it may be an idea to make an extra effort to network at such times.

If Venus is trapped in your 12th house, the house of imprisonment and secret enemies, it can indicate undoing through love affairs or loneliness and difficulty in relationships. You may not be a social butterfly by nature, but you will need to be more proactive in your approach to relationships than most to find a satisfying one, and, particularly if Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, you may need to make an effort to avoid destructive relationships if you are looking for something long term.

If you’d like to know what your nativity has to say about you and your future, click on the button below to order a copy. For now the price for natal reports is set at a price of £150.  Please note these natal readings are not an automated report – they are calculated and interpreted according to traditional astrological methods by hand and it can between 10 to 14 days to complete them.

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What your Nativity will include

A table of dignities and debilities of the planets and any noteworthy strong receptions

The planets are symbols of particular conditions in your life. The table will show you which planets in your nativity are strong and which are weak, which will help or hinder you and the areas of life they represent. The mutual receptions indicate which planets are in sympathy and thus willing to help the other.


This is a basic and fundamental description of your personality based upon the medieval theory of humours and the elements.

The Lord of the Geniture

Is the most powerful planet in your nativity with the potential to assist you. It has a large influence on personality as well as the conditions in your life, and is the planet who acts as a general ruler of your nativity. For a fuller description see here (add link to post).

Of Money and Riches

We consider the significators of your money to determine your potential level of wealth and possible sources of loss and gain of money

Of Siblings and Kindred

We consider the 3rd house and other significators to determine siblings and the relationship you have with them

Of the father and mother

We consider the significators of the father and mother to determine their conditions, the relationship you have with them, and that they have with one another

Of Marriage and Long Term relationships

We consider whether it will happen, whether with difficulty or not, how many long term relationships you might have, the character of the future partner

Of Children

Whether you will have them, how many, whether they will be boys or girls

Of Sickness and Misfortune

We identify significators of illness, and the potential types of illness to which you may be prone

Of Learning, Dreams, Religion and Spirituality

We consider the 9th house to consider learning and studies, religious and spiritual inclinations, and dreams

Of Career

We identify the significators of your career, how strong they are, whether they are afflicted, the trade or profession for which you night be suited, potential allies and enemies of you career

Of Friends

Types, qualities, whether they are true or false

Secret Enemies

Sources of undoing, secret enemies, how strong they are, whether you will overcome them or not

Manner of Death

Only available upon request

You can find a sample of a traditional astrology natal reading here