A Picatrix Election for Enduring Love

This is a pretty fortunate month for the ambitious astrological magician with both Mercury, planet of traders, scholars and astrologers, and Venus, planet of all the other fun things you do when you are not working or studying, dignified by domicile.  Mercury is in Gemini from 7 June to 22 June, and Venus is in Taurus from 6 June to July 4.

Below is an interesting election from the Picatrix for enduring love.

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Thoth Hermes Esoteric Podcast


Thoth Hermes Esoteric Podcast is a new and ambitious endavour by Rudolf, an Austrian magician, esotericist and artist who many of you will know already as Gnothi Seauton on Facebook and as co-host of the Occult of Personality podcast.

Rudolf is a Gnostic Hermetic in the tradition of Emil Stejnar and counts as one of his influences the Czech magician Franz Bardon.  The most recent podcast features the Bardon magician William Mistele and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to you all.

May there be many more!

Creating and reconciling relationships – two-fold images of the Picatrix

“If you do this for two friends, make the 11th house of the first image the ascendant of the second image; and if you wish to generate friendship between man and wife, make the ascendant of the second image the seventh house of the first image.  And make it so the lord of the ascendant of the one who will return the friendship [i.e., the friend or wife] makes as good aspect with reception to the lord of the ascendant of the other image.  Then join the images and bury them in the place of the one who is to have friendship [i.e., you] and they will be friends as before.” – Book 1, Chapter 3, Greer and Warnock translation

As an example, let us assume that you want to create friendship between two people (reconcile two friends), you would do the following:

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Horary, and how to destroy cities using the Picatrix

1. Conjure Godzilla to destroy a city

The Picatrix mentions several times the possibility of using the results of a horary reading to make magical images. For example, in Book 3, Chapter 5, one of the elections given “for the destruction of cities, houses and the like” utilises the ascendant of the city to be destroyed. (If you are wondering how a city could possibly have an ascendant associated with it, the ascendant of the city would have been drawn from the mundane chart erected for when that city was built.) However, in the absence of a known ascendant for the city, one could use the ascendant of a horary chart erected for this particular purpose.

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Planetary dieting and changing temperament

We briefly discussed in an earlier post how Ficino in his De Vita described how he would diminish the influence of the Saturnine melancholy to which he was prone by consuming food associated with the Jupiter, the most sanguine of the planets.

The idea is that one attunes one’s complexion or temperament to the complexion of the planet in a gradual way by fasting and introducing food associated with a particular planet. That is, if, as in the case of Ficino, one is melancholic and thus has a temperament that is Cold and Dry, this is altered by consuming foods that are (in Ficino’s example) of the nature of Jupiter who is Warm and Moist. This diet will gradually change the temperament of the native to match the complexion of the planet – from Saturnine melancholy and misanthropy we become, through regular consumption of eagles and peacocks (or perhaps more easily obtained Jupiterian ingredients), jovial, sanguine, affable and popular.

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A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Lunar Mansions – Using elections, Creating talismans

What are the Lunar Mansions?

Simply put, the Lunar Mansions are a form of Lunar Zodiac which splits the ecliptic into 28 sections. Although based on an older sidereal form, we will be using the Mansion system used in the Picatrix which is based on the tropical zodiac.

Each Mansion is said to have a particular effect (which you can find here or in one of the translations of the Picatrix), and the position of the moon in any of these mansions can be used either to simply elect a time to perform a certain action (e.g., with the moon in the 5th mansion, it’s a good to ask for favours from kings – or to ask your boss for a raise, if you do not work for your monarch directly) or to create a talisman for a magical effect (e.g., with the moon in the 3rd Mansion, it is a good time to make a talisman to bring good luck).

The great thing about using the mansions is that they can be utilised with whatever system you currently work with to add a little celestial oomph to your magick. As an example, if you do not want to create a silver ring bearing the image of a woman with her hand raised over her head for luck during the 3rd Mansion of the Moon, and would prefer to create a mojo hand instead, that is certainly another possibility.

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Astrological talismans and their effects

Just as the influences of the planets and fixed stars reigning at a particular time and place are impressed upon body and soul of someone born at that time and particular place, it is possible to impregnate a physical object with a particular celestial influence.

A talisman is created through a combination of timing, with the construction taking place when the celestial influences are at their peak, an appropriate physical basis that has the ability to receive the influence of the celestial influence due to similarity or correspondence with the influence, 3) inscription with figures, divine names and symbols consonant with the influence, 4) invocation of spirits who rule over or direct the power of the planet or star to consecrate (literally ‘make sacred’) the talisman to indwell the talisman itself, and 5) intention, that is, giving the talisman a mission through the charge to the spirit or impressing the effect on the talisman through the imaginative faculty.

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Caring for your debilitated moon

We learned in our last little chat that a debilitated moon generally implies issues with our perceptive faculties, perhaps even our senses themselves, and with unconscious processes. This means that, for whatever reason, our senses do not always relay a clear and accurate reflection of reality – we receive an image slightly askew, distorted by our own mental filter through which we see events.

So, fate has given us some work to do. How do we fix this?

How to train your moon (now in 3D)

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The Manner and Wit of the Native

While the temperament is an internal and largely unchanging aspect of personality that determines character as well as the form of the body itself, the native’s manner describes his behavioural traits, those observable characteristics that are visible to others and mark him out as a particular sort of person. Jupiter as the planet ruling his manners and the native might be described as generous and affable; Saturn, austere and serious.

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The Lord of the Geniture

Who is the Lord of the Geniture?

The Lord of the Geniture is, to put it simply, the most powerful planet in the natal chart (by essential dignity) which has the power to assist the native. Essential dignity is straightforward enough to determine, however a strong planet with weak accidental dignity, such as one in the 8th or the 12th house, is not going to be of much use to the native and therefore does not satisfy the conditions necessary to be Lord of the Geniture.

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