I am an astrologer specialising in the traditional astrology of the Medieval and Renaissance period in Western Europe with my primary influences being the great English astrologer of the 18th Century, William Lilly, Guido Bonatti, William Ramesey, and Jean-Baptiste Morin as well as some of the earlier Greek writers on astrology such as Ptolemy, Valens and Dorotheus.

I’m also interested in the practical aspects of Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, the classical astrology of India, particularly where the focus is on remedial measures to pacify and placate troublesome planets in the nativity to improve one fate.

With the emphasis of these earlier forms of astrology firmly focused on prediction rather than the analysis of personality, I find them much more pragmatic than the modern versions and better suited to intervention and creating change.

As a practising magician my main interests are astrological magic such as Ficino’s image magick, the talismanic elections of the Picatrix and Agrippa, as well as Grimoire work, Hoodoo and Bardon’s Hermetics.