Ramesey’s Lunar Elections

Besides planetary hour elections, lunar elections are some of the simplest elections that are available to traditional astrologers and astrological magicians. Indeed, one often finds that lunar elections form a part of some of the more demanding elections that can be found in traditional authors such as Bonatti, Masha’allah, Ibn Ezra and others.

The following table of lunar elections is from William Ramesey’s Astrologia Restaurata and is based on the Moon’s (Ptolemaic) aspects with the other planets and only considers the planet’s general significations. Ramesey does warn that these are only very general rules and may not always apply on an individual level depending on the function of the planet in the nativity.

For example, although the Moon applying to conjoin Saturn generally has negative significations, if Saturn is strong and a functional benefic in the nativity, an elected action during this time might have a positive effect for the native. Similarly, the Moon applying to conjoin Jupiter is a fortunate day to ask favours of wealthy and powerful people, but if Jupiter is a functional malefic in the nativity of an individual, the results of this election may not be entirely advantageous for the native.

conjunction sextile square trine opposition
Saturn An unfortunate day, take no journey, speak not to princes, nor old men, avoid the company of husbandmen Converse with old men, husbandmen, build and plant trees, graft, but seek not the love of women Confer not with old men, nor sue to princes, take no physick, or journey, defer your desire Converse with old men and husbandmen, repair what is ruinous and manure ground Hire no servants, seek not after your gain, take nothing in hand being not began before
Jupiter A fortunate day, go to noble men, judges, and prelates, and use for your right, and take counsel Converse with lawyers, ecclesisastical persons, read the laws Apply your study to philosophy, and take counsel Begin any good work, make your journey to kings and great men, prelates and judges Go your jouney, and go to prelates and judges
Mars An unfortunate day, take no journey, avoid the company of soldiers etc Buy weapons of war, or horses, hire champions, and kindle the fire for alchemy A day full of fear, avoid contentions, make nor league nor new friendship Dispose of all things for war, buy cattle, and beasts Take no journey, flee company and friendships, and love of women
Sun Begin nothing but that you would have hidden and secret Take in hand the affairs of kings and princes, and sue for preferments under them A day to be eschewed.  In all things, deal not with company of great men Offer presents to princes, and your suit will be heard of them Sue for judgement from great men, but avoid rich men
Venus A day for pleasures and delights, put on new garments, seek the love of women A day fit for amorous sports, contract marriage, seek for all kinds of ornaments; it is a prosperous day Hire servants or workmen, make sports, sing or play, and marry Seek the love of women, and put on new clothes if the Moon be not in Leo It is good to hire men or maidservants, to take recreation and contract marriage
Mercury Begin writings and accounts, chaffer, send messengers or carriers Apply to your study, make accounts chaffer, take charges, send youths to school, and accompany with sages It is good to send ambassadors, orators, and carriers, take your journey, buy and sell Compose verses which require a good invention, use exercise, and send children to school Repair to scribes and chancellors, send messengers, take your journey, use merchandise, follow your study


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