The Aries Ingress chart 2018 and the Mars Saturn conjunction

The Aries Ingress is one of the fundamental tools of mundane astrology, the branch of traditional astrology which aims to determine the influence of the planets on the earth in general, such as weather, disease, famine, war, and the affairs of a country in particular.  A chart is drawn up for a particular location for the moment the Sun enters 0′ Aries and this chart is interpreted according to the rules of mundane astrology.

The Aries Ingress chart, which looks at planetary influences for a year at most, is only one of many charts used in a hierarchy of charts which Bonatti gives as follows:

1. The Greater Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first bound or degree of Aries, whose influence lasts 960 years
2. The Greater Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first bound or degree of a new triplicity, which occurs every 240 years and marks a significant shift in the affairs of the world.
3. The Conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the first degree or bound of Cancer.  (These were seen as particularly malefic since both malefics are ill dignified in Cancer)
4. The Greater Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which occurs every 20 years

These are followed by the Aries Ingress chart and then the Sun-Moon conjunctions that occur each month. Other charts that would need to be considered would be the charts of eclipses occurring within a year of the Aries Ingress.

In the case of the Aries Ingress chart for the USA, since we have a cardinal sign rising, it is only valid for a period of approximately 3 months and we would need to consider the Ingress charts for the Sun entering the other cardinal signs.

The Mars Saturn conjunction

This years Aries Ingress chart is particularly interesting because we have a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn occurring on 2 April which should have interesting repercussions, especially on countries traditionally associated with Capricorn such as the UK, India, parts of Turkey and Greece, Germany, Albania and Bulgaria.  It may have a particularly significant impact on the USA because the Mars Saturn conjunction is angular, in close prximity to the descendant, and opposes the ascendant of the Aries Ingress:

“And Abu Ma’shar said there will be a war if Mars were to commit his own disposition to Saturn, and Saturn were joined to him, and were to receive him.” – Guido Bonatti, Liber Astronomiae, p895, Ben Dykes transl.

Mars commits his disposition to Saturn, and Saturn is joined to him by conjunction, and he is received by him since Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the domicile of Saturn.  The conjunction occurs in the 7th house in the Aries Ingress which is the house associated with the open enemies of the country:

“Indeed if [the conjunction of Mars and Saturn] were in the seventh, it signifies that quarrels and contentions and discords, and likewise dissensions, and many evils, will fall among partners and others participating together in something, and even between husbands and wives; and enmities will arise amongst men.” p940, Ibid

Abu Ma’shar describes the planet separating from Mars as being the instigator of the war, although he claims that this only holds true if the planets that Mars is separating from are Jupiter or Saturn.  This may be a holdover from Abu Ma’shar’s times since apparently only wealthy men and nobles (signified by Jupiter) and the ruler of a country or older and powerful men (signified by Saturn) had the influence and authority to cause wars.

In this chart, only the Moon separates from Mars who rules the first and second house.  By William Ramesey’s rules, this makes the Moon the Lady of the Year and is a significator of the people of the country as well as its substance/wealth.  Due to the Moon’s rulership of the 2nd house, and since the Mars Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is not as terrible as a Mars Saturn conjunction in a sign where these planets are ill dignified, I wonder if this might not signify an intensification of the trade war that the US is currently involved in rather than an actual all out war.

The Moon, the ruler of the wealth of the country, is exalted in the 11th house, and the Part of Fortune is ruled by the Sun who is exalted.  The Part of Fortune is also conjunct the North Node in the 2nd house which can have a magnifying if destabilising effect on finances.  What better time to ramp up a trade war than when your finances are good but might appear better than they really are?

“Abu Ma’shar said Mars disposes wars, and signifies the masters of armies and the captains of soldiers; which if he were strong in an angle, it signifies war ..” p. 896, Ibid

Mars is angular in the 7th which signifies the open enemies of the nation in question, and whatever this signifies, we may see what is signified by this conjunction around the time when it completes on 2 April, though Ramesey also gives another method to determine timing:

“You may also judge of the time when the war will happen from the distance of Saturn and Mars if their conjunction or aspect is a forerunner thereof; or of any other significators by seeing how many degrees they want of the partile conjunction or aspect; giving a month, day or week to every degree according as they are in fixed, moveable or common [signs], as you have been taught before.” Astrologia Munda, Book IV, Section III, Chapter IV

The conjunction occurring in moveable Capricorn, we might see some signs of the effect of this conjunction starting around March 27.

Some other observations of note

It’s interesting to note Neptune conjunct the midheaven which can be indicative of confusion, treachery, and deceit when it comes to rulership and government (more so than usual, that is).

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