Saturn Ascending in Capricorn Talisman elections 2018

Saturn, the Greater Malefic, is dignified in Capricorn for the next couple of years. Father Time ingressed into his own domicile on the 20th of this month to preside over this year’s Saturnalia festivities.

Saturn can be petitioned at this time for any of the things that he rules: for long life, for understanding profound sciences, for land and buildings and anything that can be found beneath the earth, for magical knowledge, and for the favour of powerful people, as well as the destruction of enemies, and to create discord between people.

As with Mars, it is worth checking to see if Saturn is afflicted in your own nativity. If you have a hard time with Saturn it is a good idea to be careful woring with old Chronos as he can be cantankerous, even when he is dignified and strong in your natal chart.

The Elections

I have identified the best Saturn elections for the whole of 2018 below while it is dignified by domicile in its sign Capricorn. These are particularly beneficial times for the creation of Saturn talismans. The times are set for London, but it should be possible to modify these for other locations.

Saturn is retrograde fron 17 April to 6 September 2018 so would not usually be worked with at this time. Traditionally, the waxing Moon was seen as better for productive and beneficial works, and the waning Moon better for destructive works.

Note that planetary hours during the day towards the end of the year tend to be pretty short (in the Northern hemisphere), so time may be short for the creation of your talisman. You may want to factor this in.

These elections are for Saturn ascending. Saturn culminating will follow shortly.

Saturn Ascending in Capricorn

4/3/18. 0356. The Moon is peregrine and makes an applying sextile to Mars. Moon is waning. Saturn makes no applying aspects.

6/10/18. 1426. The Moon is waning, it is peregrine, it makes an applying sextile aspect to Venus and Mercury. Saturn makes no applying aspects.

13/10/18. 1400. The Moon is waxing, it is dignified by face and sextiles the Sun. Saturn makes a sextile to Venus.

6/11/18. 1132. The Moon is waning, it is peregrine and applies by sextile to Saturn. Saturn makes no other applying aspects. It is the day before the new Moon so may be particularly suited for malefic uses.

30/11/18. 1008. The Moon is waxing, it is peregrine and makes no aspects. Saturn is sexiled by Venus who is Herelf dignified by domicile. If you are looking for a particularly benefic Saturn election, this would be the best one.

17/12/18. 0908. Moon is waxing, it is peregrine, and makes an applying trine to the Sun. Saturn makes no applying aspects.

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