An election of the 3rd Lunar Mansion for all good things

This mansion is for safe sea journeys, to strengthen the imprisonment of captives, for alchemy, for a successful hunt, for love between man and wife, and for good luck in general. You can find more information about the Mansions, and this mansion in particular,  here.

The Election

The time is set for London on 30 November at 2:07PM.

The Moon is in rising in the 3rd Lunar Mansion.  The Moon is increasing in light and will be full in a few days so is especially strong.  It does not make any harsh aspects to any planets, and its next applying aspect is a trine to Saturn in the 9th house who is dignified by face.

The Work

The Picatrix gives a specific image and working for this Mansion, and recommends that one makes an image, in a ring of silver, of a seated woman with her right hand raised over her head.  This image is to be suffumigated with an incense made of musk, camphor, mastic and fragrant oils.  The Spirit of the Mansion (Annuncia, according to the Sage of the Picatrix, and Amixiel, according to Agrippa) is called upon during the election and asked to provide “happy fortune and every good thing”.

If you make the image above, the Picatrix also suggests adding the name of the Spirit to the image as well as the goal of the talisman.

Of course, the workings described in the Picatrix are only suggestions, and it is possible to use the election for any other working designed to ask for fortune and luck or to attract something to you, or to simply initiate an action that requires luck in the acquisition of something important to you.

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