Three Venus in Libra Elections

It’s going to be a busy time for any astrological magician from October towards the end of the year with Venus, Mars and Saturn all entering signs of their dignity at various points during it.  These three elections are for when Venus is dignified by domicile in LIbra between 14 October and 7 November.  It’s a good time to create talismans and images for love, friendship, popularity, good relations, to alleviate melancholy moods, and for wealth.

All times are set for London, UK, so you will need to modify them for your locale.  Feel free to leave a comment if you need help rectifying them for your city.

In this election, Venus is rising and it’s Venus hour.  The Moon is in its triplicity although it is in its waning phase.

In the second election, Venus is rising and it’s Venus hour.  The moon is peregrine but it is waxing and it makes an applying sextile to benefic Venus.

In our third and final election, Venus is again rising and it’s Venus hour.  The Moon is in its triplicity, it is waxing, and makes an applying trine to benefic Jupiter.

As well the obvious uses for harmonious love relationships, there is a whole host of possible uses for this election.  For example, there is a Venus talisman in the Picatrix for when the first face of Libra ascends and Venus is strong to “always laugh and be cheerful”.  If you are naturally a Saturnine and melancholic, Venus in Libra is a particularly good time to add some lighthearted good cheer and easy company to your life.

Another Picatrix talisman for Venus is for profit from merchandise. You don’t need to be a medieval merchant to use it – if your job involves building relationships, negotiation, sales, etc, Venus can probably help. Venus in Libra is especially good for profit from sales, trades and for promotions since it’s a pretty sanguine and friendly Venus there.


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    1. Hi James,

      You can draw up a chart at for your location and the time and date given above. You will then need to modify the time until you get Venus on the ascendant.


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