Talismans of Venus in her various dignities

Someone asked the question of whether there is any difference in the function and potency of talismans of Venus created when she is in her different dignities – in other words, when Venus is in her domicile in Taurus or Libra, or exalted in Pisces – and why one might opt for one dignity over another in the creation of a talisman to attract love.

The simple answer is that a strong Venus is a strong Venus, and indeed, in many traditional sources, the only requirement for a Venus talisman is that she is in one of her dignities. Whenever she is in her home or exaltation, and whenever she is unimpeded by other planets, Venus is comfortable, strong and expresses her benefic qualities of love, harmony, fertility, and joy, and any talisman created when she is in a potent accidentally, when she is rising or culminating, will absorb and reflect this powerful Venus in its effects.

The more complicated answer is that Venus will express her nature differently depending upon the sign she is in, and one might prefer a Venus refracting her light through a particular dignity depending upon any of the following:

1) One’s own temperament and elemental balance,
2) The qualities one wants to develop (either in one’s own personality or in a relationship)
3) The qualities one wants in a potential partner

Temperament and elemental balance

If you are naturally phlegmatic you may already have an abundance of the water element expressing itself through your personality. If this is expressed in your character as a tendency to fall head-over-heels in love with every new person you meet, if you’re prone to obsessions and unrequited love, you may prefer a Venus in Taurus talisman to add a little realism and practicality to your love nature and to balance your romantic idealism.

If you associate love with obsessive need and passion that is all-consuming and your relationships are always feel deadly serious, a Venus in Libra talisman might add the sanguine, light, breezy and joyful aspect that might make you actually *enjoy* the relationships you are in.

You might also benefit from a Venus in Libra talisman if you are *always* mature and realistic in your relationships and start thinking about marriage and mortgages two weeks into a new relationship. Venus in Pisces may also be beneficial to add a deeply romantic and dreamy soul connection to your relationships to alleviate some of that seriousness.

Partners and relationships

Different relationships need different things at different times – sometimes an injection of romance, sometimes a bit of lightness to remove the gloom and alleviate boredom, and sometimes they just need a boost in bedroom activities.

If you want to experience a profound even mystical soulmate type partner, or you want to experience this influence in your existing relationship, Venus in Pisces might be what you are looking for. If you need a light, breezy, bubbly, demonstrative, cheerful, communicative, sharing, diplomatic lover or relationship, Venus in Libra makes a delightfully sanguine and charming partner in crime.

On the other hand, Venus in Taurus is a fecund, physical, fruitful, lusty, earthy and practical Venus. If that is what you are looking for in a partner, or if you want to experience those feelings in your current relationship, a Venus in Taurus talisman is pretty useful.

Other uses

A talisman that is created during an elected time is fundamentally an intelligent battery of the celestial energy that is the subject of the election and can be used in many ways beyond the typical and you are limited only by your own imagination.

To give you a few ideas, I often wear my Venus in Pisces talisman above my heart when I am engaging in Bhakti yoga. The magnetic, watery energy of Venus in Pisces makes it ideal to connect to something that is divine in nature.

Venus in Libra talismans are great in any situation where you need to build rapport with someone, in soothing tempers and alleviating melancholy – in Libra, Venus is delightfully carefree and

Venus in Taurus has an earthy and fruitful energy that is useful to carry whenever you need a little extra luck to attract wealth.

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