Money Stay With Me: An election for maintaining wealth

If indeed the intention of him for whom you elect were to make money, so that it would always remain in his possession, indeed so that it is not given over in the end to someone else, let the Ascendant at the hour of the election be a fixed sign; and let the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon and the Lord of the Second be in fixed signs, free from impediments, and do not let them be removed from the angles.” – Guido Bonatti, Liber Astronomiae, Treatise 7, p707 (Benjamins Dykes translation)

This is an election that can be used either as a time to begin some sort of magical work to ensure your wealth is not diminished (such as Money Stay with Me work in the Hoodoo tradition) or, better yet, to purchase an asset, preferably one that is long term, that will increase your wealth and which will not lose you money.

Electional conditions

1. Ascendant is a fixed sign
2. Lord 1, Lord 2 and the Moon in fixed signs and not afflicted

Here’s one I made earlier set for London at 10:53 PM on Friday 27 October 2017.

The fixed sign Leo rises and is also the cusp of the second house. The Sun is the Lord of the Ascendant and the second house, and is in the fixed sign Scorpio, as well as being angular in the 4th. The Moon is in Aquarius (a fixed sign) and is angular in the 7th. Not an ideal election since the Sun and Moon are not in any of their dignities, however, they are unimpeded by aspects from the malefics, and we have the North Node conjunct the second house of substance offering some additional aid to our wealth. The Sun is also still within a degree of conjunction with the greater benefic Jupiter, and the Moon is making an applying trine to Venus.  As a bonus, the Part of Fortune is angular in the 10th house and in the fixed sign Taurus.

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