Astrology for profitable buying

This is another election from William Ramesey magnum opus Astrology Restored first published in 1653.  Ramesey advises the following conditions be present when one seeks to buy something for the purpose of profiting from its sale:

1. Fortify the Moon, Mercury, Lord of the Second and, if possible, Lord of the First
2. Let Moon be joined to Mercury bodily or by benevolent aspect, free from impediment, either accidental or essential, and free from affliction of Mars, as much as you can
3. If you cannot fortify Mercury, fortify Moon, the Eleventh House and its Lord, but let Mercury be free from body or aspect of Mars. If possible, let Mercury be in conjunction or good aspect of Venus or L11 or both.
4. Moon, Mercury, Second and Eleventh are chief significators, they cause gain, if well dignified and disposed, but ensure they are from body or aspect good or bad of Mars.

Note that this a second house election and refers specifically to movable objects – either physically movable ones like Nazi gold, Russian made AK47s and CIA cocaine, or electronically movable items like bitcoins, stocks, shares and so on. If you’re buying horses or Su-35 fighter jets, that would fall under 12th house matters. Flipping real estate is a 4th house issue. Cattle and small birds would be 6th house concerns, as would human trafficking (but, don’t do that – it’s just not on).

Since the Moon is of primary importance in elections, we want it strong and unimpeded. Mercury as a significator of trade would also benefit us if it is helpful, and the second and eleventh signify our money and what we hope to earn. Mars as a sign of contention and strife we want to avoid as much as possible, even friendly aspects can bring unnecessary difficulties.

The election below is set for London, the date and time is 18 August 2017 at 0411.  The chart for the election is as follows:

Moon is dignified by domicile and triplicity in Cancer. Mercury is dignified by domicile and is in its exaltation. The Moon’s next aspect is an application to Mercury by sextile, both Moon and Mercury are unaspected by Mars, however Mercury is accidentally debilitated as it is retrograde, so we have to consider the 11th house. The ruler of the 11th house is retrograde Mercury, however we do have a highly dignified Moon in the 11th house. The ruler of the second house is the Sun who is strongly dignified by domicile and is conjunct the cusp of the second house.

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