An election from William Ramesey to profit from the sale of goods

For this election we need the following:

1. Moon in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo or Pisces
2. Moon free from misfortune
3. Moon separating from a conjunction or aspect of one or both of the fortunes and applying to aspect (but not a conjunction) to one or both of the infortunes

It’s interesting to follow Ramesey’s logic here. The moon, which represents the commodity to be sold, is placed in the houses of either the fortunes, or of the moon, or of Mercury. We want to ensure that the object we are selling is seen as an attractive prospect either by its being displayed in an attractive house (Taurus or Pisces, the houses of Venus and Jupiter respectively), or by placing it in Cancer where it is essentially dignified and therefore shown in its best light, or in Virgo since Mercury is also associated with trade and merchandise.

You are represented by the planet the moon is separating from and the buyer is signified by the planet to which it is applying. The symbolism is of the moon, and therefore the commodity, leaving you and finding its way into the hands of a buyer. Normally in an election, we would consider an application to a malefic as a serious misfortune and something to be avoided. However, in this case, the separation from a benefic and an application to a malefic is to symbolise the sale leaving you and your wallet better off than it found you.

Here is the nearest one I could find:

The date is 9 August and the time for London is 10:29PM. The Moon is separating from a trine to Venus and is applying to a square of Saturn. This is not ideal, and the square aspect without reception might mean some issues before the sale is completed (Bonatti says a square aspect without reception indicates obstacles and difficulty), but the sale when it completes should leave you better off.

I would be very interested to hear of your results if you use it.

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