Astrological magick as applied synch

This post was inspired by this post from the author of Blogos and in particular the following quotation from it which describes the synchs surrounding the performance of some theatrical works of ritual magic with a Jupiterian theme:

We were treated to two brutal storms in the immediate aftermath of each show and although theatrical ritual is the most powerful I no longer think of these rituals as magickal causes so much as rites that are ”timed” to happen at the same time as the inevitable (although this year super charged because of environmental change) storms.  I might think I am doing the ”timing” but this is delusional, I know only one iota of the workings of my own mind let alone that of higher dimensional entities that might treat reality like a notepad.  It is not so much an act of summoning the storm as much as it is the storm summoning me.  This ”de-centralizing” of the magical act – no longer ”I am the boss twisting reality/probability around me with my strangely attractive sigils”, or whatever, but that cause and effect are entangled – reduces the selfishness and ego that is at the heart of many sorcerors’ efforts and sublimates it into wizardry.  I don’t do the magic but the magic is done through me.

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Talismans of Venus in her various dignities

Someone asked the question of whether there is any difference in the function and potency of talismans of Venus created when she is in her different dignities – in other words, when Venus is in her domicile in Taurus or Libra, or exalted in Pisces – and why one might opt for one dignity over another in the creation of a talisman to attract love.

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A Lunar Mansion election for Love

I have had a few queries from people who were concerned about creating Venus talismans because of an afflicted Venus in their nativities. I understand the concerns but, in practice, I have only seen beneficial effects from talismans of the benefics – and this is coming from someone who has an afflicted Venus and Jupiter.

For those who, for whatever reason, would prefer not to create a Venus talisman, here is an election for the 26th Lunar Mansion, Al Fargh al-Awal.

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Three Venus in Libra Elections

It’s going to be a busy time for any astrological magician from October towards the end of the year with Venus, Mars and Saturn all entering signs of their dignity at various points during it.  These three elections are for when Venus is dignified by domicile in LIbra between 14 October and 7 November.  It’s a good time to create talismans and images for love, friendship, popularity, good relations, to alleviate melancholy moods, and for wealth.

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An election from al-Rijal to apply for a loan

This is a house based election for applying for a loan that is originally from al-Rijal but a version of which is also detailed in Bonatti’s Liber Astronomiae and adapted for our use.

The electional conditions are as follows:

1.  Ascendant in Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Aquarius
2.  Moon also in one of the above signs, of little light, and aspecting one of the benefics or Mercury
3. The Lord of the First and the Lord of the Seventh be unafflicted and, if possible, in harmony with each other, and, if possible, receiving each other
4.  It should not be the hour of the malefics or of the Sun

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Money Stay With Me: An election for maintaining wealth

If indeed the intention of him for whom you elect were to make money, so that it would always remain in his possession, indeed so that it is not given over in the end to someone else, let the Ascendant at the hour of the election be a fixed sign; and let the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon and the Lord of the Second be in fixed signs, free from impediments, and do not let them be removed from the angles.” – Guido Bonatti, Liber Astronomiae, Treatise 7, p707 (Benjamins Dykes translation)

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